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My Story

We're not the "Exception to the Rule"

Hi Everyone, My name is Albert. In the Spring of 2019 I had traveled to Mexico City, Mexico for a fun and exciting vacation. It was my first departure internationally! When I got to my hotel, I noticed my luggage was tampered with. Taking a closer look, I discovered one of my most valuable possessions was missing. A cross pendant necklace that was meaningful to me, and it was a gift from my mother! Stolen. I panicked because I knew that there was nothing that could be done in one of the most populated cities in the world with 20 million people, unless their was a product to protect my belongings. I was naive to think that nothing could happen, and believed I was an exception to the rule.

Our Mission

Our mission, with the story above in mind, is to provide Enhanced Security and Prevent Theft. To provide you, as our customer the best quality in SmartLock products to protect your valuables. Theft can easily be prevented with easy to use, convenient locks. And so, MetricLock Security began shortly after that trip, in concept at the Summer of 2019. Located in the sunny coast of Orange County, California. We have patent the best designs of smart lock security in the industry. Our state of the art fingerprint scanning equipment will prevent issues from occurring, keeping your valuables safe and protected.

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Our Value

We're happy to celebrate technology advancing- long are the days of lost keys, hiding keys, not remembering codes or getting locked out! This is all with you, and all about you- as our customer, in mind. We know that value will always float to the top, and our products will give you just that.

With this in mind, our question to you is simple:

“How Safe Are You?”.

In Health and Security,


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Biometric Technology

State of the art high-tech chip for faster fingerprint processing to make unlocking more convenient. Oh, this is also WATERPROOF.

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Bluetooth Enabled

Our Metric SmartLock also encompasses Bluetooth technology. Simply download the app, connect to your phone, and unlock!

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Unbreakable Warranty

Made of aluminum alloy, The Metric SmartLock beam is made of stainless steel for superior cut resistance. This is the same material used for skyscrapers, the F-16 Fighter jet, and NASA's spacecraft. All for your MAXIMUM protection.

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